ADI launches long-distance industrial Ethernet products to help process, factory, and building automation connections

Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) today launched a long-distance industrial Ethernet solution to expand its ADI Chronousindustrial Ethernet product line. The solution can provide a long-distance Ethernet connection from the edge to the cloud, supports real-time configurability, and can reduce energy consumption and improve asset utilization. The newly launched ADI Chronus products support the 10BASE-T1L physical layer Ethernet standard, which can transmit new data streams from edge nodes in remote and dangerous places in industrial equipment and building facility applications. Now, we can seamlessly access these previously unavailable data through the Internet and use them to evaluate various factors, such as asset health, raw material usage, and process parameters, to make the manufacturing process cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Mark Barry, general manager of ADI's Automation and Energy Division, said: "Many factories and buildings are unable to provide stable local manual intervention required for operation and maintenance, and the ability to optimize assets at the enterprise level is very limited. For this reason, we provide a 10BASE-compliant The long-distance industrial Ethernet solution of the T1L Ethernet standard allows customers to achieve reliable communication over longer distances, ensuring that the last mile connection is guaranteed. This enables customers to seamlessly access edge data and improve remote assets Control, so as to truly enjoy the advantages of digitalization."

The newly launched ADI Chronus product allows customers to strengthen the control of various building parameters, thereby reducing the building's energy consumption and overall carbon emissions. ADI Chronus ADIN1100 and ADIN1110 industrial Ethernet solutions can transmit data over 1.7 kilometers or more than 1 mile through a single twisted-pair Ethernet cable (compared to the previous Ethernet standard, the distance is greatly increased), thereby helping to reduce Small size, weight, and cost reduction. Compared with traditional Ethernet cables, these cables are lighter in weight, more malleable, and support the reuse of existing wiring infrastructure, thereby reducing commissioning costs and complexity.

This new industrial Ethernet solution offers two flexible options: MAC PHY and PHY. MAC PHY (ADIN1110) can realize an ultra-low power consumption system, can simplify the Ethernet transformation for field sensors or drivers, and retain the existing software and processor technology investment. PHY (ADIN1100) provides a standard Ethernet interface, which can be used in more complex designs, such as field switch development or building controllers.